In 1964 a branch was established for the Ogre city Music School in the village of Peter Stucka (Pēteris Stučka). In 1967 was established Stucka district (and at the same time the town of Stucka). Since that moment the music school acquired the status of a permanent school and 1967 is considered the school's founding year. School was called the Children's Music School of Stučka. Initially, the school had 3 branches: piano, accordion and wind instruments.

In 1979, the school was given the name of the local composer Peteris Barisons (pictured). The first principals of the school - Ruta Ziemele, Ausma Morica.

The school is expanding. The principal of the school, Baiba Niedriņš, and clarinetist Herberts Niedriņš, through their hard work, prove the importance of the school in participating in national competitions, because this is a time when one could only dream about traveling abroad.

New branches are opened - vocal class, violin class, kokle class, composition class. Mirdza Blimberga becomes a kokle teacher and an outstanding conductor of children's choir. During her tenure, the school acquires the current school premises.

Since 1999, the school is headed by Lilita Dzilna and the school aims to create a successful person for life, who regularly learns the new one, cooperates with parents, city council and other educational institutions. The team is creative and friendly. During these years contacts with German, French music school choirs, instrumental ensembles and soloists are maintained.

Principal Daina Delvere (from 2019) wants to see the school more modern, to confirm the role and importance of the school in the county, nationally.

Anthem of P.Baryson Aizkraukle Music School. Lyrics by Lilita Dzilna, music by Gio Saule. A dedication to the school's 50th anniversary.

The logo of the school is created by the artist Inese Dembovska.

Video about school's history.