Aizkraukle Music school offers educational programs:

  •  piano class

Children start their studies at the age of 7 - 8 years, their studies last for 8 years. Piano programs teachers are Alla Pukite, Elina Ivleva, Evija Cepure, Ilona Makareni. The educational program is led by educator Alla Pukite.

  •  accordion class

The accordion class has existed in the school since its foundation in 1967. There are 2 educators - Natalija Juskevica, a graduate of our school and head of department, and Tatjana Sila - also a graduate. Training lasts 6 years.

  • violin class

Violin programs teacher is Liga Butane. Training lasts 8 years.

  •  wind instrument class

Students of the Music School's wind instrument class have the opportunity to learn:

  • flute game
  • saxophone game
  • trumpet game
  • trombone game

Students can acquire collective music skills. Teachers - Gundega Ermica and Ziedonis Pukitis. Training lasts 6 years.

  •  kokle class

Kokle is a Latvian national instrument.
The Kokle class was created in 1973 by Mirdza Blimberga. Daina Delvere (Laganovska)   started working as a teacher in 1986. From 2020 september as a teacher works Agnese Purina. Training lasts 6 years.
The school has created the Kokle ensemble "Eola kokle", which takes part in many concerts, festivals and events.

  •  vocal music - choir class

Pupils of P. Barisons Aizkraukle Music School choir learn solo singing, music literature, solfeggio, piano, choir conducting, singing in duets and ensembles. Most directly the class of the choir is related to the activity of the choir as a collective.
Educators - Silvia Tomasevska, Ilmars Pumpurs and Silva Upeniece.
The training lasts for 8 years.

  • gitara class

The gitara class was ceated in 2020 septembert by teacher Arturs Zemnieks.

The entire programs studens learn theoretical disciplines

Theoretical disciplines are taught by all students of the Music School, regardless of the second program chosen. Teachers Baiba Petersone and Ilze Butane.

Upon graduation, students receive a music school graduation certificate for the education program they have completed. Students have the opportunity to enter and pursue music education.