Peteris Barisons  Music School in Aizkraukle

Address: Skolas Street 3, Aizkraukle, Aizkraukle municipality, LV 5101, Latvia
Head of Institution: Mrs. Daina Laganovska
Contact details: (+371) 65123909

The school was founded in 1967. The name of the local composer Peteris Barisons was granted in 1979. You can read more about history in the section - School History.

The Aizkraukle Music School of P.Barisons is a vocational education institution of Aizkraukle Municipality. School operates under licenses and approved subject programs issued by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Educational programs offered:

* piano playing
* accordion
* violin playing
* wind instrument game
* kokle playing
* vocal music - choir class
* theoretical disciplines